Business Process as a Service

brand's mill = BPaaS

Industry-independent for every company size

In the brand's mill BPM marketplace you will find a selection of "best practice" workflow templates. If you activate these, you will receive ad hoc process control for your team.

Cloud Workplace "Avoid Email"

With brand's mill you have a cloud desktop at your disposal to coordinate tasks ... without sending internal emails. Control business transactions to prospects, customers and suppliers. Start tasks, schedule them, delegate activities, and complete tasks on time. Manage your product catalog with prices and conditions so that you can send offers quickly and safely.

Automate processes "Eliminate media breaks"

The workflow engine from brand's mill processes your business processes so that you spend much less time on recurring processes. Since your business has its own ideas and rules, your personal assistant will assist you in optimizing and setting up processes. brand's mill has a selection of "best practice" procedures that you can tailor to your needs as needed.

Our BPM marketplace already has something for you

Double Optin-in

Contact for consent to receive e-mail messages. Document confirmation.


"Newsletter: Kundengruppen" individualized serial mail to your contacts via Google Gmail

Phone list

"Telephone list: Resubmissions, starting to all 'pinned' contacts.

Ticket System

"Service Ticket" & "Website Service Request" & "Status" Report a Problem, Dialog & Status Update

Order processing

"Website Inquiry", "Lead Management", "Offer Tracking", "Order, Project, Delivery" and "Invoice, Recurring Invoices, Credit, Invoice Correction"


"Retailing - requirements planning, price inquiry, order, production order"