GROUPWARE for teamwork

online, regardless of space & time: ToDo's, addresses, files and documents

Coordinate work and achieve goals together

Delegate tasks and provide information without sending e-mails. The virtual desktop, the ToDo list, is the brand's mill concept for efficient collaboration. No more questions like "did you get my e-mail?"

simple teamwork, less e-mail

With the ToDo list you control business transactions while avoiding duplication of work. If more than one employee receives a task, the first one will take care of it for everyone else.

You keep track of delegated tasks including their due dates.

Avoid multiple storage, work without media breakage

Your team can work on spreadsheets, text documents, and presentations simultaneously across devices.

brand's mill has a Google Cloud integration. For each client, a Google Drive file structure is automatically created and maintained. This opens up a secure, unlimited storage volume for all employees. Read more about the Google Workspace integration here.

The Google Workspace allows the capture of texts, spreadsheets, presentations and the filing of files as well as the synchronization of contacts.

Managing documents with Google Drive is incredibly easy. "You're looking for the memory button? Do not need to do it while you type a versioned backup."

All changes are saved automatically and in real time - never again problems with different versions or the cumbersome forwarding and sending of documents.

Google Drive

File structures allow anyone access to documents, information and ongoing activities from projects and assignments and to contacts.

E-mails to contacts are automatically stored in the file.

Process-driven storage of documents in the context of contacts, projects and operations without creating copies.