Google Integration - CRM & more

open the setup of brand's mill via the login

With the first login the selection for the brand's mill service scope opens: STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE. If you were already logged in, you will be redirected to the corresponding selection via "Service Scope".

The subscription is optional and we recommend to start with a free trial for 30 days. Stay in touch with us and we extend your test period until you are sure to work productively with brand's mill.

After logging in, you can expand the application to include additional flow logic as needed. Visit the brand's mill BPM Marketplace. It lists a collection of "brest practice workflows". You can activate any number of workflows from the overview.

brand's mill is Google Cloud Technology Partner

We've gone through a comprehensive Google API audit by Googlers with all scenarios covering the different integrations of Google Drive, GMail and so on. Ultimately, you give us your trust, but you control yourself with which shares you actively work.

The Google Cloud integration makes brand's mill even more sophisticated

Google Drive

Enterprise Team Drive / filing system

brand's mill is organizing a Google Drive file structure for each client. This opens up a secure, unlimited storage volume.

E-Mail attachments arriving at brand's mill are stored without redundancy and assigned to your contacts.

You scan your incoming mail directly into a Google Drive folder and brand's mill starts the appropriate workflow, for example for the invoice receipt.

You work offline: Take Google Drive with you and edit documents offline with your smartphone or on the Chromebook.

Prospects, customers, suppliers, partners on your smartphone

Using the Google contacts sync with brand's mill you can also carry your contacts on your smartphone. Enter new contacts on your smartphone and brand's mill will start, for example directly a lead process.

brand's mill is Google Cloud Technology Partner

Google Docs

File storage in the context of contacts and processes

Use Google Docs to create documentation, reports, and correspondence. brand's mill will attach your cover letter directly to the recipient's address and place documents in the customer or project file. With Google Draw you can supplement documentation.

Google Sheets

"automated business intelligence spreadsheet"

Business data is published by the brand's mill report engine directly into Google Sheets. Here you can prepare business graphics and evaluations. Service times, sales figures, .... are meaningful analyzes to control your measures. Give your team goals and results through the brand's mill dashboard.

Real Time

With Google Spreadsheet, you worked in real time on tables in the team. Distribute lists by e-mail to collect and merge changes is now a thing of the past.

Google Slides

Meeting and online presentations

With Google Slides you present online. In combination with Google Meet a great tool. It is not the tool but the way to organize your work.

From brand's mill you share presentations, e.g. directly in the appendix to offers. Automate the flow of information to the interested party with always up-to-date contents.

Google Meet


The entire correspondence is documented in the outbox

With Gmail we send your mail directly from the workflow for newsletters as well as outgoing invoices. So you have your output correspondence as usual in the Gmail output.

Transfer of messages to business processes

You can send messages to brand's mill by enabling the scanning of emails with a specific label. For this a suitable workflow in brand's mill has to be activated (for example a workflow for incoming invoices). Using a Gmail filter setting a label or manually associating a label, a matching workflow for the message will be started. If more than one person on your team received a copy of the email, the work might be deduplicated automatically because only one workflow controls the matter collaboratively in brand's mill.

Reminder for operations also mobile and offline

We update your schedule from the workflow. This is how you see sales appointments that you enter in the lead, also in your calendar and thus also on your smartphone.

Google Calendar

Print or E-mail

With Google Cloud Print, we print quotes, delivery notes, ... invoices directly from the cloud to printers associated with the workflow. This also works with your classic printers. (will be replaced by an alternative solution at the end of 2020 because Google is abolishing this service).

Route planning to the next Meeting

From within brand's mill Team Planning we calculate the distance to the on-site appointment directly via Google Maps.