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The brand' s mill user may invite a personal assistant, a role that should be your next mission

Upgrade your process consulting career joining our Business Process as a Service team

You did already do some digital transformation consulting for organizations. Now you will be able to directly enable your workflow design for your clients to work with.

Ideas and changing requirements are crafted online into digital, user-friendly business processes powered by brand's mill . Brand's mill has the necessary flexibility thanks to the integrated Business Process Design Suite and the best practice marketplace.

Unabhängig von Raum und Zeit Kunden betreuen

New Work independent of space and time - steer companies into a digital world

We do not sell software

brand's mill is simply subscribed to

  1. No license costs

  2. no purchase of hardware

Just start into an iteration of consulting, customizing & coaching.

Would you like to apply as independent a Business Process as a Service Assistant?

Become brand's mill expert, coach, Master of Digital Transformation Management. Accompany companies to their customers on the home stretch to digitize their business models.

We support you to sustainably develop your business on the basis of brand's mill.

The future lies in the cloud ... process consulting