Consulting & Transformation

We identify and evaluate requirements with you

brand's mill has a best practice BPM marketplace. This marketplace has templates for implementing your requirements.

We digitize efficient processes based on the "Business Process as a Service Platform" brand's mill. It has a form designer and the necessary process designer to help us automate your business processes.

  • online ToDo list "Avoiding E-Mails"
  • no media break "Replacement of isolated solutions such as office tables, ..."
  • no duplication "coordinated processing, central filing"

We have over 25 years of experience in organizing business processes.

We listen and quickly identify how we can help.

brand's mill is G Suite Reseller

Our development never stops

Fair price Software as a Service Development

You communicate your requirement and our solutions become smarter.

"Win - Win" our service becomes more successful thanks to your ideas and you have what your team needs without license and development costs.