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Use the best email with Gmail for your

Your staff is often already familiar with Gmail, so training is not essential. Other products like the Calendar and Google Docs have a minimal learning curve.

Access information from anywhere offline, from your smartphone and Chromebook.

All files are stored and shared in a single secure location, so your team can access them anytime, anywhere. Synchronizing documents, contacts, and calendars has never been easier than Google's apps.

Location-independent collaboration - "real time collaboration" Do not send spreadsheets, presentations, and documents into a version dilemma through your email system.

It is easier to share a document than to send it. Your team can work on the same file at the same time and across devices. All changes are saved automatically and in real time - never again problems with different versions or the cumbersome forwarding and sending of documents.

brand's mill is Google Cloud Technology Partner

Protect your business information with the G Suite single sign-on account.

Configure security settings, add or remove users, and control cross-device user access to corporate data - all from a single central console. Use your e-mail address to access e-mails, documents, the calendar and even brand's mill.

Organize a wonderful website with Google Sites.

With the brand's mill form support, lead management starts from the website.

Start an ad hoc online meeting with Google Meet from your support, sales, and support contacts.

HD vieoconferences without software installation and without login, you can start an online conference.