ONLINE project management

Work packages, schedules, budget & billing

Project Structure Plans PSP

You plan work packages and coordinate deployment plans. Distribute budgets to teams and crew members.

"Pay attention to the costs and the profit will come automatically"

by Andrew Carnegy

Team deployment planning

Team managers distribute work packages within your team. All keep track of work progress in the project. The claim management ensures positive results.

Online service entry

The logbook is the access to all current work packages. After loading work to employees, they report the progress: working hours, travel expenses, ... Since no project runs as planned, supplements are controlled and work orders remain updatable.

Multi-project management solution for your projects

Organize projects

Start a project - distribute budget, schedule appointments and assign tasks. We support preconfigured work packages and schedules with predecessors on schedule. A two-step delegation to team leaders in your departments helps with work package loading. The distribution of work to employees takes place via the team deployment planning. Post work content to time tracking and track project progress from budget to planning, distribution and loading of tasks to editing and completion.

Time Recording & Reporting

Your team has to exchange for the success of the project. Time recording is the simple contribution on the way to project success. Team members centrally access shared work packages. Learn how the time, travel and other costs are reported ... and incidentally filed reports and a basis for supplements available.

In addition, you will receive a sustainable travel expense report.