Team Productivity & Efficiency

Digitally optimized processes

Design your individual business processes - limited only by your imagination

Sales management, customer management, project management, document filing, service, order processing, billing, ... Teamwork.

- Business Process as a Service -


Workflow Management & Marketplace with Best Practice Workflow Templates

It is worth taking a close look at processes from the beginning to the end

"Don't linger in inefficient workflows. Make sure your work is focused and not just wasting time. Find ways to optimize, rather than staying stuck in inefficient processes.""

"Paper away!" ... work without media break

"Today you still get service notes for billing in the administration.

With brand's mill, you control this so that you receive an electronic invoice draft directly from the service for submission in the ToDo list.

One button ... for the secure process handling.

With one click, the invoice will be sent to the recipient by e-mail. A few days later, the bank statement is automatically assigned to the customer and the invoice receipt is written off. Everything is stored in the customer file, the service order and call logs, invoices and e-mail correspondence "...

brand's mill is Trusted Cloud Service made in Germany

brand's mill allows you to constantly adapt your business processes in order to continuously integrate ideas and requirements

"best practice"

For a growing number of case studies there is a "best practice" process in the BPM Marketplace. You may improve these for your improved usage.

This is Business Process as a Service: all processes can be individually controlled by a set of rules

The transparent business operations that an ERP ensures is regulated with the brand's mill workflow designer: business transactions, team responsibility, information flow, stock transactions, billing ...

One application for many tasks

Design your sales processes and optimize your "Sales Pipeline". A conversation turns into a lead, an offer and then an order, a project and invoices. In addition, brand's mill manages staff and triggers purchasing and production procurement processes.

brand's mill saves time, keeps costs under control and ensures quality

We provide your team with Google Workspace as Google Cloud Technology Partner

With brand's mill you rely on a solution in the cloud to work independently of the location and to use secure, 'State of the Art' IT infrastructure cheaply

brand's mill has integrated Google Cloud technologies. With Google Workspace Integration, REAL TIME COLLABORATION and other cool skills become accessible to every employee.