Service management

Quality Assurance - Service, Maintenance & Complaint

Control service online

Service entries are recorded in the customer context. The dialogue from problem solving to solution is coordinated from the process by an e-mail control integrated in the workflow. The ticket system can be extended by a performance statement.

You plan maintenance intervals and service appointments for your equipment (vehicles, machines, systems, etc.). Planned and unplanned service assignments are sent to the maintenance team in the form of online maintenance checklists for processing. Everything clearly in the online ToDo list.

Customers trust your quality

Avoid product defects

Complaints are regulated by the process of online integration of all departments. Causes are thus determined in a timely manner in the team and remedial measures documented transparently in the online dialogue: "8D Report".

Mobile online checklists to ensure quality

Use the checklist designer to formulate your action plans. You can access these as a template in the interval or ad hoc. Optionally, the process designer can help to control more complex processing sequences from ingest to billing.